Took a Trip To Johnson Chapel Rec Area

After an incredibly busy work week of web design and meetings. We decided to enjoy some good old fashion family time at Centerhill lake in Sparta Tennessee. If you have not visited Johnson Chapel Rec Area off highway 70 in Sparta you’re missing out. It’s an amazing little place that’s free and the view is unbelievable. It’s little hidden secrets like this that made me fall in love with Middle Tennessee.

Camping Trip 2019

We got away for a couple of days to unplug with the family. Nothing like hitting the great outdoors and enjoying nature. We had some terrible storms come through and rip apart some of our gear and camper. Thankfully we came home and no one got hurt.

Website we developed

We designed and developed this modern website using html5, php and java to produce a high converting landing page. It’s responsive design makes it display perfectly on any device from cell phones to large computer screens or televisions. View the website here